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Solvol Citrus Liquid with Pump 4.5L

P/N 71026

• Contains natural citrus oils and fine pumice particles

to remove tough dirt and grime, grease, paint, ink and


• pH balanced

• Naturally moisturising to leave your

hands clean and soft

WD-40 Spray Applicator 500mL

P/N 61000

• 500mL capacity

• Refillable spout

• Child safety lock restraints

• Two ways to spray:

stream or spray

Solvol Twin Bar

P/N 71029

WD-40 EZ-REACH 425g

with 20cm Flexible straw

P/N 62007

• 20cm flexible straw designed to more

easily apply WD-40 product into hard-to-

reach places.

• Straw bends and keeps its shape

• Great WD-40 formula that people know

& trust

WD-40 20L Bulk

P/N 45020

• When you need to use a lot of WD-40,

sometimes a can just isn’t enough. That’s why

WD-40 is available in a bulk liquid varieties

• Soak parts to clean parts without disassembly

• Designed for use with the WD-40 spray


WD-40 4L Bulk

P/N 45040

• Cleans and removes residue from


• Penetrates stuck rigging hardware

• Lubricates and protects industrial


• Designed for use with the WD-40

spray applicator

WD-40 Multi-Use Product

Low Odour 300g

P/N 62005

• WD-40 Low Odour still

delivers the same legendary,

five function performance

you expect, just

without the odour

• Ideal for jobs that take

place indoors or around

the general public

• Contains citrus oils and fine granules to gently

remove ingrained dirt, grease, oil, paint, ink and


• Suitable for removing most industrial soils including

dirt, mud, dust, coal dusts, oils, grease & solvents.

• pH balanced

• Naturally moisturising to leave your hands clean

and soft

3-IN-ONE Multi Purpose Oil


P/N 10035

- Over 100yrs and still going strong

- Leader in the drip category

• Works on power & air tools, castors, rollers, assemblies and sewing


• Specially formulated multi purpose oil

• Spout applicator for precision for industrial maintenance needs

• Lubricates and protects surfaces from rust and corrosion

• Can be used on mechanisms to stop squeaks and for cleaning met

WD-40 Specialist Fast Acting Citrus

Degreaser 400g

P/N 21003

• Removes grease, oil, fat, dirt, grime and soap scum

• Power foam works immediately on contact

• Easy to rinse with water

• Ideal for engines, tow balls, lifts & hoists &

automotive equipment

WD-40 Specialist Fast Drying

Contact Cleaner 290g

P/N 21004

• Fast acting, nonconductive cleaner

• Penetrates quickly and leaves no residue

• For use on electrical equipment, contacts, plastic &


• Ideal for Circuit boards, switches, printers, controls,

electrical assemblies & copiers