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Powerbase Grounding Magnet

Power through your grounding applications

The Powerbase Grounding Magnet sets up quickly and easily.

Start grounding instantly!

Powerful rare earth magnet delivers heavy duty holding power.

The “V” machined surface grips round parts. The copper connector

stud is located on top and allows for a full 360º cable rotation.

Rugged, compact steel housing for a

fast and safe ground, even in tight spots!

2 Axis Welders Clamp

The best, secure, right angle clamping vise. Manufactured from

machined cast iron. Machined outside faces - usable for upright

joints. Quick acting screw button for faster set up.

Stand-Off increases access.

3 Axis Welders Clamp

All the features of the 2-axis clamp, plus a third

arm which swings out to allow quick and easy

removal. Holds a three axis workpiece in position

for welding and leave clamped during cool down

to minimize distortion due to contraction.

Twin Fulcrum Pliers – Twin Pack

Difficult to reach areas? Not any more

Ground flush finish produces a narrow but strong profile whilst

maintaining maximum reach with twin fulcrum pliers allowing

the jaws to be fully open in a single handed operation, holding

the twin-dipped comfort handles maximising grip via the

serrated jaw tips, available in Straight & 45°.

Jaw styles with an overall length of 340mm.


1 x MGM5800 &

1 x MGM5900

The new PREMIUM in Ratcheting Wrenches.

Deeper Gear Teeth enables stronger torque

72 Teeth ratchet for a 5º swing arc to turn a fastener

Small head profile and professional plating for corrosion


Meets or exceeds DIN and A.N.S.I. standards

Guaranteed to be free from manufacturers and material

defects for the life of the tool during normal use.


8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19mm

P/N: MGM5500

Combination Ratcheting Wrench

– Metric

P/N: MGC4080

P/N: GM203

Amperage: 300A @ 60% Duty Cycle

Amperage: 500A @ 60% Duty Cycle

Part No.


Joints (A)


Length (B) T-Clearance Jaw

Height (D)

WAC35D 95 mm 122 mm 62 mm 35 mm

WAC45 121 mm

135 mm

100 mm 57 mm

Part No.


Joints (A)


Length (B) T-Clearance Jaw

Height (D)

WAC35-SW 95 mm 122 mm 62 mm 35 mm

WAC45-SW 121 mm

135 mm

100 mm 57 mm


20 MT


Caps 1-2p.indd 1

14/12/17 3:03 pm